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Non-ferrous metal products

Aluminum Ingot

Aluminum ingot is a non-ferrous product that is produced by pouring molten aluminum into special molds. These molds are in various sizes and shapes, and the ingot created due to this variety has different types in terms of appearance. According to historical documents, the first use of aluminum is related to the fifth century BC. People of that time used aluminum in different ways to stabilize the color and defend the city. But the purposeful use of aluminum happened for the first time in 1530 by a Swiss doctor named Paracelsus with the suggestion of extracting aluminum from salt. Today, aluminum is the second most used metal after iron in the world. The widespread use of this metal in various industries has caused special attention to be paid to its identification and extraction from mines in the country.

Applications of aluminum ingots

Re-smelting industries, manufacturing industries of transportation means (aircraft manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, truck manufacturing, shipbuilding, railways, etc.), packaging industries, can and foil production, building door and window manufacturing industries, building wall covering production, electrical appliances Household, electric transmission lines, glass industry, casting parts manufacturing

Aluminum slab

Aluminum slabs are one of the products of the aluminum industry. The appearance of the slab is a rectangular cube with different diameters. Aluminum slab is an intermediate and semi-finished product. The method of preparing aluminum slabs is by rolling aluminum ingots and it is obtained by casting method. Slabs also have different sizes that are prepared and produced according to the needs of industries. The production capacity of slabs in South Aluminum Industries Complex Company is over 70,000 tons annually. As a result of the preparations and foresights in action, this capacity is increasing.

Applications of aluminum slabs

Aluminum slabs are used in various industries. Among the most important industries that use these products are the rolling industries and the production of sheets and belts. Slabs have the potential to produce flat products, and for this reason, they are of interest to industries that produce the following products: aluminum sheet production, consumer goods production, foil production, container production, aluminum coil production, slab belt production

Aluminum billet

Aluminum billet is one of the most widely used semi-finished products of aluminum casting, which is mainly used in aluminum extrusion industries and is produced by continuous casting or DC method.

Applications of billet aluminum

Aluminum extrusion industries

Copper cathode

This product is made of copper. Copper cathode is created in the process of electrolytic refining and at very high temperature. This process starts with copper concentration. to obtain anodes with a purity of 99.99 percent.

Applications of copper cathode

Copper cathode is used to produce different shapes of ingots. This product is also used to make cast copper rods. which is widely used in wire, cable and transformer industries.

Copper cathode is the raw material of many products such as copper rod, copper sheet, brass production and copper shields, etc. Also, this product is used for bronze and brass alloys, etc., as raw materials, which are used in the transportation industry, electrical appliances, and construction.